Brent Loe
Brent LoeManager
My passion for photography is what drives me to get the highest quality images possible. I’m always looking for new ways to capture the light and mood of a subject. Working with over a decade of photography experience I have the experience and know-how to complete just about any project. There isn’t anything I’d rather be doing and am thankful for every opportunity I get to click the shutter.

I’m from a small town on the Mexico/U.S. border, Sierra Vista, AZ but was raised on the panhandle of Florida. Beginning my endeavor into photography with beach weddings showed me that I have an incredible passion for photography and seeing people smile. Working with people from all walks of life is what I do and intend to do it with the greatest joy of my life, photography.

Rachel Barnett
Rachel BarnettMastermind
Rachel’s dedication and passion to help other’s in their business & personal development never ceases to amaze. She constantly sets her eyes on the stars and lowers her hand to the next in line when needed. Her real-world knowledge and experience pay dividends to anyone keen enough to listen to her story and follow the example.
Her take on life is that everyone has something to give back, whether it’s love, understanding, compassion, or a simple experience – she appreciates all growth, big or small. She’s a team leader and knows when to say “no, try again” or “AWESOME JOB!”.

Rachel’s scope at Washington Real Estate Photography involves book-keeping, accounting, consulting, and general butt-kicking (so pay your bills!). We’re eternally grateful to have her part as the team and hope she feels just as grateful as we do.